Commercial Drone Media

Aerial Drone Cinematography & Stills

We hold a current Commercial Drone Pilot's qualifications along with Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) Permissions for Commercial Operations in the UK during day and night time hours (PFCO).

We have clocked up many hours flying Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVs) or Drones, gaining much flying experience - a must for safety but also for any degree of quality aerial photography or film footage. Being a confident and safe UAV pilot requires time, knowledge and experience. Flying in a safe environment with regulated handling.

 A PFCO from the CAA is required by Law for any form of aerial work involving gain or reward in the UK.

We are available for Aerial Photography & Film Work, Marketing,  Aerial Surveying and Inspection of buildings, land, etc.

Including many applications within industries such as Real Estate,  Agriculture, Construction and more.

If you require a qualified & experienced Commercial Drone Pilot and have your own platforms/ permissions please call us.

We use professional DJI quad & hex aerial platforms for our video footage, stills and other aerial work. These UAVs are super stable and can even cope with a degree of breeze yet still achieve rock steady, sharp imagery. 

Commercial Aerial Operations    -    Survey. Inspection. Imaging

Every mission is carefully planned for risk assessment beforehand in a manner outlined by our very own Operations Manual regulated by the CAA.

We are fully insured for all of our aerial work.

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Please contact us here outlining your project and aerial UAV requirements.

Property survey and/ or  inspection.

Commercial Property/ Real Estate.

Your home captured for a wall print or canvas!

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